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Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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Yesterday I posted my first and image and was looking for feedback, but I had a link to the photo instead of the actual photo in the post. Not sure if people didn't respond because they had to go "off the forum" or they just didn't like the shot. I thought I'd try again (hope that doesn't break the rules).

Feedback would be appreciated on this image.

Strange enough looking building. That's got to be government?
Oh my. I missed half the image. That explains the distortion. Try resizing to a max width of 800.
Here's the same shot after I resized and adjusted the perspective. On my 24" monitor I can appreciate the wide angle perspective, but at smaller sizes it's better to fix the perspective.


By the way, the two buildings on the left are the Worldwide Headquarters of Proctor & Gamble

I love it! The contrast between two corporate looking buildings on one half, and Coca-Cola Santa Claus billboard on the right. I love it, I absolutely freakin' love it!
The second one is much better.

It is a very interesting image, thanks for sharing.

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