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Jan 1, 2012
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Madera, CA
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9.) (I'm not so sure about this one, it's the colour I like, but something seems a tad bad in the composition)



And for this days In case You Where Wondering: The shoot was about two hours long, we would have had more of them kissing and what not (I even had some handcuffs to use), but apparently the locals didn't take kindly to two girls kissing in a public park. Not that I'm surprised, my buddy got jumped by a gang of Aryan members walking home, the entire town is only 8 blocks, so yah know they are everywhere.
If you want actual c/c on individual pictures, then you had better post one or two.

My overall comment is that these are typical pictures from someone new to photography.

Good pictures aren't necessarily weird angles, up close shots, etc.

You need to learn more about exposure, best times of day and the best focal lengths to use for portraits and why.

They are snapshots converted to dark, underexposed grayscale. They appear to be taken with a point and shoot camera. You have dappled hotspots in several of them making part of the face blown out and part of it too dark. Spots are not flattering, nor is a big, brightly lit forehead and shadowed rest of the face. There are heavy shadows on the eyes and flash should have been used as you were shooting in the full light of day and not in open shade.
Your angles make girls look bigger on the upward shots and it makes the one girl look like she is all butt. Some of your posing shows a bit of potential.
11 is way to many to give cc on. 4 is about the maximum, although if it's a slow day we may do a post with 5 or 6 thoroughly.
Alot of the pictures are a bit underexposed. You should always add some exposure when you oconvert to B&W.

I think you should also start shooting wide open. As a new photographer i think you should invest in the plastic fantastic 1.8. For $100 the dof you will get will make all of your images seem alot better.

what equipment do you have?
like for #8 you should add a bitmore distance and shoot at f/4. it looks like your shooting at f/11 or greater. Everytihing is in focus.

and also a scrim or shoot through reflector works magic when the sunlight is very harsh. Very cheap too. I purchased a 42" reflector/scrim on amazon for it tihing about $25. I think it was a westcott 5 in 1. These are essentils...
I do use a point and shoot. give me a thousand bucks and ill xhanfe that.
I think most of the highlights have already been touched on. As often as we say that equipment doesn't matter, this is one case where your camera, specifically, it's lack of a hot shoe or PC sync port did limit you. All of these images have lighting issues ranging from moderate to severe. Having a P&S camera doesn't mean that you can't get great shots, it just means that you have to work a little harder. Since triggering off-camera flashes for fill/supplemental lighting isn't an option, learn to use reflectors. Try tutorial to start. There are LOTS more on-line. Also spend some time reading up on how light reflects. Keep going, you'll get there!
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Since triggering off-camera flashes for fill/supplemental lighting isn't an option, learn to use reflectors.

The cheap YN560 has an optical slave mode that can be triggered by another flash. I have 3 of them. :D
I agree with the suggestions on using a reflector. I use mine alot. Also, look of spots that have "open shade"- this at least helps on a super bright day and then you can pop light back into the shot witht he reflector. If you are really broke- try a white piece of poster board. Improvise ;)
The cheap YN560 has an optical slave mode that can be triggered by another flash.
True, but since that camera doesn't have the necessary degree of manual control over the flash (I don't believe) and, I suspect, the built-in flash may not be powerful enough to trigger an optical slave unless conditions are ideal, I felt using a reflector would be the simplest first step to better lighting, but, if the OP has a spare $50 in his/her pocket, it might be worth trying.

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