Sedimentary Blue (Duotone)

Dwayne Oakes

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Dec 28, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
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Nikon D80/Nikkor 18-70mm/Nikon Capture NX2

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Dwayne Oakes

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Nice shot. Great skill.

The two topic subjects,soft water and shinning ices,are in balance in the picture.Personally, I prefer emphasize one of them.

--my English is hopeless...not sure if I express myself in a correct way...faint...
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Dwayne, I have been enjoying your shots and this is no exception!

I think crawlinggiant was on to something in that its a juxtaposition of the softened water with the hard ice, but thats what makes it intriguing.

I'm not sure if that sort of dichotomy was what you were intending with the shot, but if you wanted to drive the point home you could weight the framing of the water and ice equally, which would really strengthen the meaning. as it is right now there is more water than ice so it kind of looks like a shot of a waterfall with ice in it rather than a shot of the juxtaposition itself....

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