Self Portrait C&C please.

It actually looks like you have your thumb in your mouth.... since that side of your face where I assume your thumb actually is too dark to see it.
yup that ^

Your burn/paint/whatever you did to the background needs to be fixed too, you've got some serious flair where you didn't go in close enough.
It would be a much stronger photo if you cropped it right down the shadow line on the nose in portrait position. The dark areas take away from the impact of the image, there's just too much that's not there.

Here's a tip, take piece of cardboard about 2/3 the size of your monitor, cut into an L shape. Then hold it in front of images on the screen to see what different crops would look like without having to go back and forth in a photo editor.
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K thanks for the advice tony. and my thumb is actually under my chin. that finger you see is my pinky lol. and the background is just the wall behind me. i just took it to black and white and messed with the contrast and curves. didn't really do much else to it... but i do see what your talking about. thanks for the replies.

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