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May 4, 2007
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Amazingly enough, (me being extremely non-photogenic) I actually came out pretty decent in this photo in my opinion.... What do you guys think?


I was trying to create an "effect" with the darkness.. so please dont comment saying its too dark, lighten it.. :lol:

Thanks! :mrgreen:
I like it! The only thing that bugs me is the triangular shadow to the left of your nose.
Its funny how sometimes you have to edit photos, to make it look like you didnt Photoshop it.. isnt it??
I really like the picture, its very powerful in its simplicity and darkness.
Yeah thats what I think about it too.. thats what I like about it.. thanks for the feedback so far guys :)
I like the darkness and warmth :) kinda looks like fire light, nicely done!
I believe thats what they consider Rembrant Lighting.

Very nice job!!

I think Rembrant lighting is defined by the shadow of the nose cast downward forming an upside down triangle of light on the dark side.
I waited till it was dark in my room, and then I used controlled light to get this effect.. I like how it made my face have such a variation of brightness across it without it being too strong

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