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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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Hi from Sarah :)

Nice shot, really draws you in.
The chain clasp is distracting though.
Like Mike said, this image really does draw me in.

The clasp doesn't bother me, I glanced - but your eyes pull me right back. This the kind of effect normally achieved with color, but you've done it in B&W. Nicely done.
(00) Hello Sarah!!!

Beautiful eyes.

Engaging- very nice shot. Maybe crop out the bit of window on the left though?
thanks very much!
stupid necklace... didn't think to fix it pre shot :S
my girlfriend is beside me sleeping in the passenger seat haha
not the most flattering...cropped out - but yes cropping out the window is a good idea too.
thanks :)
beautiful, you keep your eyes in colour for this shot? you have amazing eyes. you can see your arm raising up hinting to a self portrait tho.:D

edit:eek:h i guess thats what you wanted by the title!
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thank you!
ya, kept the eyes colour
the lighting was just right for this shot which is why i think they stand out
eye reflections give too much away ;) hehe
thanks again
Niiiice eyes.
Nice shot... You've done well choosing not to desaturate the eyes. They enter so well in the BW treatment.
Cute photo Sarah - love the eyes.
I wouldn't be over-concerned about the necklace - it doesn't take from the shot imo :p

i played a bit with cloning out the necklace clasp. guess it looks alright although i'm sure i could do a more precise job.
anyone know how i could cover up that window in the background smoothly in photoshop cs3? i looked for a tutorial but couldn't find out...


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