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Mar 19, 2006
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Never posted anything like this before... so be gentle! :lmao:

good idea to use the stripes of light. Quite nice tones

find the background a bit distracting, but nothing a crop couldn't sort out.

i would crop it just below the elbows and in tight to the shoulders. thats just my opinion though, feel free to ignore it :)
I can see the background being distracting... although I kind of like the shadow on the right. How does this version compare?

Hi schawla, and welcome to ThePhotoForum!
Nice to be seeing a self-portrait RIGHT AWAY :D.
So we "know" you at once.
The crop you gave that photo of yours enhances it by the factor 100! It is true, the shadow is too big a part of the photo to be touched, but the lefthand side of the original is, indeed, quite distracting, and that distraction is gone in the cropped version. Very nice! :D
heyyyy welcome to TPF ... glad to cya here ;)
definitely the crop!
nice tones.. and the shadows look pretty cool :D
thanks for posting.. :)
You were right! You're new crop is much better than the one i suggested
Cool shot. I like the cropped version as well.
Welcome to the forum
Hey everyone, thanks for all the advice and kind words! :lmao:

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