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Self-Portraits (2) + A Gun

The texture of the ground and lighting takes center stage in the last picture of the bunch, its a great picture and seems to be largely over looked in this thread... Good shot
well, not the last last picture of the zombie, but the last of the original post. number 8

you know what I mean
I own several firearms :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: and you should never put anything down the barrel :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown: unless you are cleaning it. It is very dangerous and if shot with anything lodged in it unintentionally there is a chance of the barrel exploding. :confused: Aside from that the last picture should be flipped back around to point in the original direction ( pointing left) so Ruger isn't spelled backwards on the barrel :wink:
The zombie nazi is badass.
I would love to see that series without the flower... That's really good lighting (although number 8 looks a little too "flash-lighty" (my own word). I see what you were going for. I love that style on some photos and you've done really well with that one.
And back by popular demand...


these shots are corny, imo. but this one is total pwnage.
Being an oldster, I found it somewhat tasteless.

thats the kkind of photography i like the most. I always have felt like phtography should be about pushing boundaries and i think this does it.
Nice pictures and nice pistol! There are just a couple things I would've done different, but pretty good. I would of payed more attention to focus and shadows. A few minor key adjustments and it would've been spectacular. Maybe in HDR.....hhmm...

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