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Self-Portraits (2) + A Gun

And back by popular demand...


It's a cool picture--I dig the contrast and all, but don't really think it pushes the envelope that much. I mean, sure, it's a Nazi and Nazis are bad (blah blah blah), so the zombie part is pretty cool. What if you'd have put a flower in the gun barrel for this particular shot? That could be pretty neat--zombie (bad), gun (scary/bad, depending on your opinions), no eyes (creepy), geranium sticking out of gun barrel (good/funny/ironic).

Just my thoughts.

One more thought: The middle gray in the bottom bugs me. I feel like the shadows here demand that it's pushed all the way to black.
Thanks for the replies everyone. And about the flower being in the gun: I guess I was just going for a contrast, deadly/beautiful. I guess that's what I was going for, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm gonna try and shoot the gun again (take pictures of, not fire bullets) and work on the things you all suggested. Thanks for the replies, and I'm glad I put the Zombie Nazi!!! back up HAHA. Oh, and for anyone concerned about the safety of the gun, the gun has not been fired in years and nobody uses it, so I'm not too worried about the barrel getting stuff stuck in it, and nobody else is around here, so it's all good.

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