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Nov 12, 2007
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Alberta, Canada
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How on Earth do you all take such amazing pictures of yourselves??? Practice??? I tried it tonight and it was the worst thing I've ever done!! (I just got a tripod so I had to try it out) I didn't think I would have so much troubles with it.

Anyone have any pointers??
What's the problem? Framing? Focusing? Posing? There's tricks to get around them all if you tell us what's not working for you.
I agree, it's not easy, but with practice you can do it. It's best with a wired or wireless remote so you can get into position and then focus. The timer can be tricky with focus.

Post what you've done, maybe we can help
These aren't the best photo in the world but i'll explain how i was able to get the framing/focus

For the first, I put a large lamp on the step on which my knees are above, and I used that to get the focus right, then i put my camera (which was on a tripod btw) onto a self timer and i moved into position, my head being where the lamp was

for the second photo, I got a helium balloon and basicly done the same thing, but this was more for framing than focus because I was far from the camera and i had zoomed in, so i couldn't tell if i was in the frame or not. After that i done the same thing, i moved the balloon away and moved my head into the position it was in

easy peasy
Wilson pretty much hit dead on what my suggestion was going to be. Put an object where your head will be and manually focus. Self timer or shutter release. Mind you that a very shallow DOF will unlikely result in an all feature in focus, so I would suggest an aperture of at least f/5.6 to f/9. This will give you a larger margin of error.
Thank you thank you thank you!

I'll give it a try and post the pictures! It was the focusing that was the problem... but I'll try the suggestions. :)
OK well that didn't go too well.... I am frustrated so I'm stopping for now. Here are the pictures. :grumpy: Dont mind the messy hair... I was nearly pulling it out. bah



you need better lighting in the first 2. the on camera flash I'm guessing is what you used? Is giving the shadow behind you. Don't get frustrated. This is trial and error for everyone. try it during the day near a window so you have natural lighting. <- the best pics come out of natural lighting. And this one is just my opinion. But don't look directly into the camera. turn your head a little like the third pic you have.
Well, you got the focus thing down. Now work on the lighting. You seem to be pretty photogenic, so that's the biggest thing out of the way.

Good luck.
Happy Hour - Thanks for the pointers. I'll try in natural light next time. I had all the lights in my room on, and no flash... if I turned a light off it would be too dark. The third one was right under my light. I agree that the turned head looks better, I forget everything when I'm taking pictures of myself vs. other people.

Thanks again
Well, you got the focus thing down. Now work on the lighting. You seem to be pretty photogenic, so that's the biggest thing out of the way.

Good luck.

Thanks. Its a lot harder than I anticipated. I think I prefer being behind the camera!
One other suggestion as evident in #3, distance yourself from the background if possible. It will reduce the harsh shadows. Also try to have the camera at eye level and tighter as in #3.

You're as attractive as I expected and younger than I was hoping. I'm an old fart if you're talking numbers. But I don't consider that a disadvantage.

Keep trying the self's. You will eventually get one that is spot on.
Great suggestions kundalini... I always enjoy your advice.

Some people say I look 16 but I'm really 22... especially when I don't wear makeup.. But I'd rather look younger now than older later ;)
I would've put you at..............what do I know. I've never been any good at guessing ages and it is always a no-win situation with the fairer sex.

I almost became a Canadian.

Fortunately the draft was recanted shortly after I received my number. My bags were packed.

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