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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Hello! My name is Julia Rusina and I’ve been collecting and taking photos of nude women for about 10 years. My first photos are made with film and reflex cameras so that are characterized with special style.
    You may see some samples on my webpage: ImageShack® - juliarusina's Profile Page
    As a result I have several portfolios counting more than 1000 shots.
    These photos are quite original and have never been published anywhere.
    Now I’d like to sell my photos and I’m looking for the buyers able to appreciate my work!
    As I think what distinguishes my photos is that I have my own specific style and view of beauty. Not just nude bodies but photoplay and intrigue..
    For prospective buyers I’m ready to make new portfolios using modern cameras to make shots with high resolution. I have all the necessary stuff for that!
    You can easily contact me by e-mail:


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