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Feb 16, 2006
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A shot taken in September during my absence from posting. This 12th century church at Sempringham, Lincolnshire, is all that remains of the priory where St Gilbert started his monastic order - the Gilbertines (sounds like a 1960s pop group doesn't it :wink:).


For more info go to:

I like how the church is lit up but the gravestones aren't.

Maybe next time you see something like that, try taking an HDR. I think it would make for a fantastic shot.
Composition is so ... how should I call it? Basic? Unspectacular? Simple? Straightforward? Nothing of it is right in the end, for any of these seemingly "negative" adjectives point out the GOOD about this composition. And the gravestones in the shadows ARE a strong addition to the overall composition!

You create wonderful photos without using the HDR-technique and I like that. (I play with my photos here and there, testing which one would render itself for HDR, but in general I prefer them to be good in themselves, i.e. in the one exposure I took when I thought "That is going to be my photo!")
IMO cropping would help the composition, as far as how to crop I think it is wide open between square from the left side, horizontal from lower left to about 1.5 inch from the top right, or vertical from left side to just past the white tombstone and then do an uneven resize to a 4x5 format
Thanks for the comments on this one Viperjet, Corinna & Jeff. I appreciate your thoughts Corinna.Sometimes I feel a simple composition is good for a dignified subject like a church. My aim in this shot was to present the building in its setting, make use of the contrast presented by the shadows and dark tones of the trees, and frame the building. I also wanted to grab some of the fast disappearing blue sky, but I was pleased to have some of the cloud details. For me the orange of that roof is very important to the shot. The image would lose a lot if that was absent. Of my recent church exteriors this is one of my favourites.

Regards, Tony

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