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Feb 18, 2012
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Hello! Does anyone use any accessories to transfer images from camera to an iPhone? I've used an eye-fi card connected to my personal mi-fi and it worked 'ok', but I thought I'd ask to see if there were any other options. I'd like to add a way for several people to see previews during a shoot. Thanks :)
You want to send previews to a 3.5", 960-by-640-pixel, non-calibrated, only 500 cd/m2 max brightness, possibly finger print blotched/streaked or otherwise dirty display? :scratch:
I'd like to add a way for several people to see previews during a shoot.
A TV would be a better option than a phone for this. It's bigger (obvious benefit there), so more people will be able to see it at once. It can be calibrated (hook it up to your computer and calibrate it the same way you (hopefully) calibrated your monitor). A reasonably sized TV (for this purpose) would cost about the same as an iPhone, so it's not really going to break the bank.
Thanks for the feedback. The images are sent throughout a campus. My manager had an idea of seeing shots from anywhere and I thought I'd see if there was a solution besides mine. It sounds like it would be better to tether to my laptop and create a script to generate previews and then send those previews to a photo stream page...
OR, i can tell my manager the idea won't work :)

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