Does this look right D7000 Body for 674.00


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Aug 15, 2011
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What am I missing.....or are these just awsome prices......anyone shop from here before????

D7000 Body brand new with warranty for 674.00 shipped

[h=1]Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 G ED VR II Lens W/1-Year USA Warranty 1189.00 shipped[/h]

When people post suspicious sites that may have fraudulent business practices or may not know a thing about Cameras... I usually search for a Canon 5D Mark II and look to see if they have any packages with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens.

That particular lens won't even mount on the camera.

Here you go:
google search: firstclasscameras bbb

and buyer............................ beware
I just sent them this email. Obviously a total lie, as I already have a 5D2 and other lenses:

Hello there!

I am thinking about upgrading my current Rebel XT and getting a 5D Mark II. Right now I only have the 50mm f/1.8 that I bought with the camera... I came across this deal you had on your site:

I am thinking that the 18-55mm lens will be a good addition to the camera, and I've seen a lot of people using it. It isn't pictured on the same page as the 5D Mark II, so I just wanted to make sure it would be this lens I am getting with the camera when I go ahead and purchase:

Thank you very much! I hope you're having a good weekend! :)
If its too good to be true, then chances are its going to be a scam
^^^^ oh the reply is going to be good
DAMN, I thought I just hit the pot o gold at the end of the
If they even claim to a D7000 body in stock right now then I would question their validity. Nobody has any. Not B&H, not Adorama, not Midwest Photo Exchange. Nobody Iwould trust has them in stock. I've called them all and they are backordered from Nikon.
Something is seriously up with this place....I just found a NO NAME 16g SD card for 349.00 shipped......REALLY!!!
I got a refurb one of Ritz and they stated that it as in stock...Well they lied. I ended up waiting over a week for it to ship after getting lied to multiple times. No where reputable has them, which makes the sketch places seem even more sketch
When you come across something too good to be true, it usually is. I almost bought a d700 but backed out since it was too fishy. I'd say go somewhere reputable.
Something is seriously up with this place....I just found a NO NAME 16g SD card for 349.00 shipped......REALLY!!!

Thats the scam with these places. First you order. Then they call you for security reasons (credit card is normally the excuse). During this call they tell you the camera needs several things. Like battery, straps, memory card, charger for the battery, cables, etc. And of course they can sell you the items. Almost in every case they will charge you full price for Nikon or Canon original equipment. And if you agree to buy the stuff. They send you the camera and no-name replacement items (they take the real items out of the box). And in most cases they are selling you a grey version (which means no warranty). And you end up paying more than if you paid full retail somewhere else, and dont even have 100% OEM components. The overpriced memory cards are a way they make big bucks. Selling them for more than 10-20x their actual retail price.

Another scam is they will tell you the price was for an import version which is a lower quality version. And the US version has the better build or higher quality parts. And example of this is lenses. Many will tell you the mount is different and weaker. When in fact there is no difference. It's all a scam / bait and switch. Camera bodies or lenses.

If you don't agree to buy the overpriced items. They all of a sudden tell you its out of stock. And they will not refund you. Or tell you it will take a 3-4 week time period to process it! But they still will not refund you. Almost every case you have to go through your card company. And in alot of cases they do not have the item. And will only buy one from another shop if you agree to pay them the way over retail price.

Stay away from any place that has a big discount off what others are selling it for. Especially if the item is sold out / back ordered in large stores. If the big stores who do not discount alot, are sold out. A small time store is not going to sell it for a deeper discount. They will use the low stock of other places as an excuse to raise their prices to take advantage of the demand.

I would not trust this shop for anything!

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