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Sensitive Shutter Release on Bronica SQ-AI


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Feb 4, 2016
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Fennville, MI
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I just got a used Broncia SQ-AI on Feb 4th 2016. I have been practicing getting familiar with the controls using a blank film back and setting it to Multi exposure mode. However, I have issues with the shutter release. I have the AE-S meter prism that has the ON-OFF on the left and AUTO-MANUAL on the right. I can see the shutter speed in the upper part of the viewfinder and it flashes in the AUTO mode but I have to be VERY careful otherwise it trips the shutter. I was using it Saturday with actual film and trying to read the shutter and KER-CHUNK. took a picture when I was not ready.

Is this just an issue with the SQ-Ai or the Bronica SQ line in general? I don't mind pushing half way down to activate the meter, but 0.002" I get meter reading and 0.003" I get shutter release.

Is there a way to by-pass the pressing of the shutter to get the meter to show what the shutter speed with the selected aperture would be?
Short of sending it to a repair shop ... all I can think of is to try using the speed grip for this camera. It attaches to the bottom of the body and has its own shutter release button which I presume is connected electrically to the camera. Hopefully it will have a less sensitive switch than the one on the body.

You could buy one from KEH and try it out. They are good about accepting returns if it doesn't work out for you. I saw one listed on their site just now for $69.
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I just got in the "speed grip" today. Took the film advance/shutter cocking crank off the right side and put into the camera bag and put this on. Made sure everything was aligned and tried a few shots with a no-film back in Multi Exposure mode. WOW!! What a nice addition! Also, it made it so that I can see the shutter speeds now without accidentally tripping the shutter. It is not electrical, it is mechanical. Still, there is enough distance that pushing down slightly lets me see the exposure info. Still wonder how many millions of pictures were accidentally taken just trying to get an idea of the shutter speed. :)
i don't have a metered prism and i still take accidental photos with my sq-ai. they have such hair trigger shutter button. i have an unmetered prism and speed grip and try to be a cool kid by not turning the safety on between shots. been ending up with one or two shots of the ground per roll.
Bronica shutter buttons are all like that so it seems. Mine is. I'm lucky though to have the AE II finder which has a handy little button on the front corner to check the meter. I also have the speed grip and found like you that it makes the shuttr button work as you would think it should.

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