1. R

    Issue with my Bronica Zenza ETRS - please help

    Recently I've run into some issues with my Bronica ETRS and the issue seems to be getting worse! I have 2 film backs and 3 lenses for this camera. I have been switching between B&W and colour with the 2 backs. Now that I've started processing my photos I can see there is some kind of exposure...
  2. F

    Zenza Bronica ETRsi Light Meter Issues

    My internal light meter/indicator was working properly a few weeks ago. Now, when I half press the shutter, instead of the meter offering the correct exposure through the viewfinder, it always flashes at 1/4. I thought the shutter speed was locked at 1/500 of a second when the shutter was...
  3. AKsarben

    Sensitive Shutter Release on Bronica SQ-AI

    I just got a used Broncia SQ-AI on Feb 4th 2016. I have been practicing getting familiar with the controls using a blank film back and setting it to Multi exposure mode. However, I have issues with the shutter release. I have the AE-S meter prism that has the ON-OFF on the left and...
  4. G

    Cable release for Bronica ETRS

    I need help here. I can't find anywhere on what "type" of cable release I need for my Bronica ETRS. I found a forum where someone said that any "standard" cable release will work. What IS a "standard" cable release? Can I just go to Amazon and search "cable release" and buy any one of the...
  5. Judeamarco

    Irregular Film Advancing with the Bronica ETRS

    Hello! So a month ago, I got a Bronica ETRS and loaded some film into it. When shooting with it, everything seems to be working fine except when its nearing the 10th to 13th frame. When I crank it to the next frame, sometimes, it doesn't cock and I rotate it twice or even three times before the...