Sensor Auto Cleaner?


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Jun 9, 2004
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Hi there,

I heard about a new technology that would auto clean CMOS sensors with kind of ultrasounds of what??
did you hear about this?
indeed :

"The Supersonic Wave Filter generates ultra-high-speed vibrations to dislodge dust from the CCD so that it can be captured on a special adhesive panel"

this is great!

does the Nikon D200 have a kind of auto cleaner too?
I don't think so.

So far, Olympus is the only company with self cleaning sensors...AFAIK. There is probably some sort of patent on it...or other companies would have it too.

Cleaning the sensor is not as bad as some might make it out to be.
LOL @ the olympus website. I totally read "unique TTL Optical Porro Finder" as "optical porno finder."
yes :)
so for Nikon Owners, did they use some kind of safe technique to wash their Sensors?
As far as I a Nikon sensor is the same as Canon, or any other DSLR sensor (besides Olympus).

Google Sensor cleaning...there should be lots of great stuff to read.

I've had a DSLR for 9 months and I've never had to "clean" or "wash" the sensor. I did use a blower bulb and blow some dust off once though.
Be careful when attempting to clean your sensor it is very easy to blow more dust onto the low pass filter when trying to clean it. I got into one hell of a jam trying to clean mine once. luckily my camera shop was cool and gave me a whole new camera because even they couldn't get my sensor clean, maybe my experience is just an isolated eperience though.
I use blow bulb to clear my senor and need to do it a lot, if you have good lenses another trick is shot between F2.8 thru 5.6 with higher shutter speed, dust does show up
I have cleaned my sensor twice. It's not as hard or dangerous as some make it seem. I did do alot of reading on it before I tried it the first time.

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