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Jan 2, 2008
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Houston, Texas
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Not just a Joni Mitchell song....

I went to Houston's one patch of nature when i knew the sun would be ultra bright so I could practice metering and dealing with high contrast situations. I didnt get anything amazing but I thought I would share looking for advice. i have alot of white skys :(






I like the first one except that the trees look a little soft on top (probably you used a large aperture). The others are really good landscape pics, especially the colors/saturation on 4. 5 is a little bland, but with PP you could easily bring up the saturation. 6 is great except for the power lines, if it's worth your time you might try to photoshop those out. Overall I like them, but I only think the first pic (number 2 didn't show for me) would be counted as high contrast...but I'm no expert
thanks for the feedback. I didnt really mean I wanted them to be high contrast, i just wanted to work on learning how to deal with taking photos in high contrast situations (bright sun, dark shadows).

Dont you love power lines? grrr there everywhere. when I was a teenager I thought I would move onto a selfcontained farm with no powerlines lol
on the first one my aperture was 14, I think its soft because of the bright sun behind it
I think you are getting it.

Part of metering is deciding what you want to expose for...especially when you have a high contrast scene.

Back in the film days, it was common for photographers to bracket their shots. Meaning that they would take several shots at different exposure values...then see which one came out best.

Now with digital, it's much easier because you can take as many shots as you want. In scenes like this, I will often take several photos with differing exposure. Some of them look better at first and some of them are better when it comes to editing (which goes back to 'expose to the right')
Thanks Mike. I played with several exposures and took your expose to the right advice. It did help with pp, they looked too light but when it came time to pp they ended up having the best colors and much less of those dark spots.

gracias :)

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