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Mar 18, 2011
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just ran by this on youtube, and the camera work is amazing.. I think you all would enjoy
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That is excellent camera work! And one hell of a skillful rider! Nice find! :)
Wow that is incredible. <3 Do you think he used one for those motor dolly/track things for the sliding parts? (gee I hope someone knows what I'm talking about)
Try and imagine just how much pre-production, shooting, and post production time and effort went into making that just under 5 minute video.

The rider is Danny MacAskill, a world class Trials bicycle rider

Trials has long been done on motorcycles. Points are deducted for touching the ground/rocks/trees/etc with any part of your body. Losing points is bad.

More video of Danny (17.7 million views):

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He jumps higher on his bike than I do on my feet.
There was a documentary following a group of extreme sportsman, including Danny MacAskill, shown on Channel 4 in the UK 1 or 2 years ago. I'm sure, if anyone can find it, that it has some behind the scenes footgage of the 'making of' the clip posted here including those made by the other sports people.

The documentary was about the difficulty in producing a follow up to their original hit online videos. The video posted was one of the follow ups.


I have found some extra details about the documentary here. The series was called Concrete Circus and followed urban free runners, BMX riders and trial bikers. It is likely to be available somewhere in the internet.
This is insane biking, as well as great filming, I love finding crazy filmers on youtube, like freddiew, if anyone has heard of him?
All of my joints are in pain now. That's good video and "bike riding."
Very well done, and the camera work wasn't too shabby either lol. Nice little breather from the usual posts, kind of like reading War & Peace so much, you forget how much fun reading a comic book or a graphic novel is.

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