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Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by Mitica100, Dec 24, 2003.

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    I'm thinking to upgrade my enlarging lenses to Apo Rodagons. Currently I work with Componons (50 and 80) and El Nikor (50).

    Does anyone have experience with the Apo Rodagons? Is it worth going the extra $$ for an Apo lens? My reason for going there would be critical sharpness in B/W.

    Meanwhile enjoy the Holidays! :drunk:

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    here's the conclusion:

    >The test concluded:
    >The Apo-Rodagon is the best lens you can get, but it's only worth
    >spending this amout of money if you have to work with the apeture
    >fully open (poster etc.). If you can close the apeture down 2 stops
    >(5.6) then the difference is hardly even measureable.
    >My comment:
    >Leaving the 2 wide-angle lenses aside the good buys seem to be the
    >EL-Nikkor or the Rodagon.

    and here's the test:$bn8$

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