She got her daddy back!


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Feb 3, 2010
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this is my friend I was actually there to photograph today.. really need to revisit these for final edits as im seeing skin tones all over the place. crazy 2pm lighting!

hurry up and wait..
1giannettino (1 of 1)-3 by capturedbybc, on Flickr

brother n sister behind
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plane landing!!
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here they come...
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he's been spotted!
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pure joy
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That's a tear-jerking series of shots: who's paying any attention to wb? :)
That's a tear-jerking series of shots: who's paying any attention to wb? :)

As a military wife. This. Very sweet set. I've been in her shoes (but with dogs not kids!) and my husband is gone now and I can't wait for when he returns and we get to do something like this!
If you're looking for a homecoming photographer I definitely recommend booking one asap as from what I have seen and heard they book quickly for homecomings!! If you were not 3 hours away I'd definitely come shoot for you.
Thanks for the tip :) I think a friend from work is going to take a few snapshots for us. I don't need anything professional!
Oh gosh, 6 & 7 did it for me. Now I'll have to explain to coworkers why I'm over here blubbering...
Tearing up here @ work ...beautifully done!
Your work has honesty and such warmth to it.
I think the fact that you are doing this is fantastic. Giving back to those who give the most... Priceless. Kind of heroic all on its own.
I think the fact that you are doing this is fantastic. Giving back to those who give the most... Priceless. Kind of heroic all on its own.

Thank you! I really love doing these. My husband is a Marine as well so I have lots of friends to photograph homecomings for! lol
This reminds me of when my son was 14 months old and we were living in Hong Kong. My wife took him to visit her family in California for a month but I could only get a week off work so I flew out 3 weeks later. When they met me at the airport he didn't smile or say a word, he just put his arms out, held on to me and wouldn't let go till he fell asleep hours later. He followed me closely the rest of the week. Apparently he'd spent the first week wandering round Grandma's house looking for me and then quietly given up.
I echo what everyone else said... it's a great moment and a great series for the mom and girl. Nice job capturing the moment.

However... there is always room for improvement :)

1- Cute image, I could do without the camera tilt. I find that tilts take away from a story. I would also of cropped in closer to the girl to make it more about her waiting and cut out part of the background as well. While the background is part of the story, too much of it pulls away from the main subject.

2- Love the anticipation. I would of shot this a little lower and tried to include her hands, all while keeping her lower in the frame. It's nice light and I like the low in the frame comp overall, just having more of her in there would of helped IMO.

3- Great element to telling the story, like how you included the flag in there.

4- awesome story shot, nicely captured.

5- I might of skipped this one, although I could see how you wanted to show the plane, the family, then back to the dad. The moment is awkward and the girl seems sad or annoyed.

6- Killer moment captured.

7- Ditto here. A closer crop in would of been cool as #6 is a bit further out so making this one closer in would add some impact for the viewer. He has a killer smile, and the mom's face is priceless

8- This is similar to #5 in that the girl's face is weird. I first saw this and thought "is that really her dad? she looks scared". It fits with the story, but it's a weird capture

9- priceless! If you had a closer crop of her face, that would be awesome.

10- I think finishing on the #9 would have more impact than on this one.
Bigtwinky, thank you for taking the time to CC! Really appreciated. Valid points. I will have a look at the original of 2.. I think I may have had her hands but I forget why I chose to crop that way. lol It was hard to back away from her.. I had my son on my back and they are buddies so she kept running after me and him. As for the little girl.. she's a stinker with her faces and she was a bit uneasy when she first saw her daddy again.. she's only 19 months and she skypes with him all the time but she took a bit to warm back up to him.
Very special event. Glad you were able to capture it for them.
A great story for sure.Another soldier home safe is a blessing.The photos look nice and sharp and considering the time of day,I dont see one photo with harsh light.Good job.
Photos are great looking nothing need to do. Light, contrast, brightness everything is ok in fact your shot was stunning.

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