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Feb 19, 2006
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Just wanted to vent here for a second. I need a good digital camera. Or a darkroom. I have SO many ideas for this gallery, but if I take the shots down to the photolab, there will surely be an investigation. :er:

I just don't think the girl at Wal-Mart would understand. Are any of you using photlabs to have these things developed?

just a rant.
what is the subject matter?
Well, just stuff like Woodsac's Too Late and Chiller's Rage!!!. Just some of the more twisted stuff. I just wouldn't feel that comfy taking it into a place where I go daily. I guess I'll just find one place that doesn't know me that well and give it a shot.:thumbup:
i think chillers is digital and done on his own computer...thats what i do we are not much help....

thats another beauty of digital.... i can take the shots, put them on the computer, and print on my own laser printer if i want, or send to ya'll...

its better that way.....
I wouldn't be too concerned about that personally, alot of art college students probably submit some pretty experimental stuff to printers.... as long as its not pornographic or anything. Good thing is you could just try out one of the local shops...if they dont like..... just dont go back to that one again! :lol:
give it a try, & let us know what will their reaction is..
:biglaugh: Ya gotta try it. It is a blast. I have taken rolls of film in to Wal Marts photolab. Stuff from my halloween display. The first time I went there, they printed off a few rolls. I stood there, with 4 Wal Mart employees pointing and whispering, till one came up and said. "Can I ask you something..." She said. "Is this your house"? I said yea...come on over, I would love to have you for dinner one time.:biglaugh: Sure you will get some strange stares, and maybe the odd cop, or even cop at your door, but is all in fun:lmao:

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