Shooting at the beach today


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Should I use my polarizing filter?
and I have 3 lens
18-55, 55-200, and 35 1.8
Which one would you use?
I don't want to switch lens on the beach
Hard to say without seeing the beach and knowing what your shooting. You can always dip into the car and change lens there. I say use the filter if its bright and sunny out.
Ok but what are you shooting? Sorry I am trying to determine focal length. Im still going to say use the filter.
5 mom, dad, and three small children (a baby, 5 YO, and 3 YO)
Hah Keith beat me to it. I would see how many in the family and were you planning on using the water as a background.
I bet that 35mm would work great. I really want to try that lens out. But Im afraid if I do it will replace my 50mm. Either way good luck today and looking forward to seeing some pictures.
Yes, I think I'll start with my 35mm and then if I have to change go to the car. The thing is the beach and the car are a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG walk! haha
Some will be with water, some sand, some under a pier.....
There are DOF advantages to using the 55-200 at near 200 mm and the beach accords plenty of space to use it.

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