Shooting in Dark ish?


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Jan 24, 2012
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So I want to take photos AND videos in the dark ish, I love darker kind of settings, but how? If I take pictures in mid dark, or videos, there's always this green layer that I see on certain colours. I have played with the white balance and everything it just doesn't change. Any help? :/
Also, shooting in the dark depends largely on the lens you're using, and it's maximum relative aperture. What lens are you using?
The green layer is likely lens flare.

In the dark auto focus cannot work.

You don't mention what camera or lens.
Sorry, I'm using a D3100 With the kit lens. Do I need some kind of filter so it doesn't have that green shade?
The whole pictures are practically shaded green. And dark as in dark , as in night time, mid evening, any kind of darkness turns to green, same goes for videos and pictures.
My guess is that the green comes from sensor noise.... The kit lens is designed to do a bunch of different things in one package, but one thing it does not do is low light. What ISO do you end up shooting at in these conditions? (and is it near the max that your camera is capable of?)

If you are running your ISO up, a fast lens like a 50 1.8 would go a long way. A 1.4 would be even better, but not as affordable.
Oh I had the ISO at 100...
Okay now i'm confused. I just took pictures at 3200 ISO and it turned out great but video is still green.. hahah
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That definitely just looks like noise because you're shooting in the dark. The reason it has a color cast, I would guess, is because you're running out of dynamic range on some channels before others.

As I mentioned, that lens really is not intended for shooting in situations like the one you posted.
Do you know any that are decently cheap and whatever you say needed? Like what exactly is the kind of lens I should be using? And what is an alright quality that is cheaper ?
Well, if you're in the dark, you want a lens designed to eat as much light as possible, meaning a large maximum aperture.

The cheapest, and actually a decent lens that gets recommended often, is a 50mm f/1.8. For a little more money you can get a 50mm f/1.4. (the difference between f/1.4 and f/1.8 is the difference between ISO2000 and ISO3200). For a lot more money you can get a 50mm f/1.2 (but I wouldn't recommend that). This all assumes that 50mm is correct for you. On a crop body I usually prefer something a little wider... the thing is, fast 50's are the least expensive to manufacture, once you go wider the prices go up.
You need to focus manually but why are you shooting in the dark? I like dark to but you need enough light in order to give a feeling of darkness.

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