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Feb 13, 2009
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Hello All,
I just set up a small home studio and I interested in shooting tethered to my desk top computer. Do I need any 3rd party software or just the software Canon provides. I had no problem installing Canon's DPP but when I went to install the Digital Solutions Disk I run into problems - the program hangs up.
I have ordered a firewire card which my computer didn't have. I understand the principles of tethered shooting, I just need help in setting it all up.
Can anyone point me in the right direction.
You can do it with just the Canon software. I think EOS Utility is what you need to use.
Yes the EOS utility is what I use. On a usb connection.
Thanks for the come back guys. The problem is that I can't get the EOS utility software to install on my computer. I've tried installing the digital solution disk several times and all it does is hang up my computer. It never finishes the install. Went to canon web-site to get up-date for this software but it won't install because the original software isn't there. Canon's DPP software installed with no problem. I'm at a loss as what to do.
I've been using CS2 with ACR for all my digital editing.
Now that I have a small studio set up I want to shoot tethered, but Canon says I need their EOS utility to do so. What can I do if I can't install the bloddy thing?
Hummm - Try to install only the EOS utility by clicking custom then unchecking all the not needed stuff. What version number you have? I have 17.1 I think. Prehaps a different version will help.

I would do a clean wipe and reinstall the OS then try again, but most folks wont like that idea.
Hmm... Afraid I can't help at all with getting the software installed - wish I could.

Pretty sure you can do it with CS2 as well - found this after a quick search on google.
try to get the EOS utility and download it from the canon website or some other similar download site. that will ensure you get the most recent version.

there might be a problem with your CD
Thanks guys, will try custom install. It does no good to download the latest version from Canon's web-site - you can do it - but it won't install unless there is a previous version already installed.
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Deadeye, you were right on the money. Used custom install and all went well, installed w/o problem. Went to Canon's web-site and down loaded latest version of EOS Utility.
Looks like I'm getting there. You said you used a usb connection between your camera and computer for tethered shooting. Why does my manuel for my 1DMark2 say use a firewire connection - I'm confused - you are saying a usb connection is all I need, if that's so I can skip the firewire card for my computer. Please let me know which connection is correct.
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Does the 1dmk2 have a USB connection on it? If it just has firewire, that's probably what you'll have to use - if it has a USB port, I dont know why you couldn't use that.
I use a 1d mk III and it has mini usb on the cam. If the mk II has a firewire then you will need that.
Depending on whether you are using a PC or a Mac (no this is not a PC/Mac argument), and depending on your work flow, Bibble Pro (PC) and Aperture (Mac) also will do tethered shooting. There are others that do as well such as Capture One Pro 4. If you choose to look at third party software make sure to verify that your camera is supported.
1D mark II requires a firewire connection for shooting tethered, it only has a USB 1.1 jack which is too slow for that kind of thing.

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