Shooting the Moving Fan


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Aug 15, 2010
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I am not able to capture a still image of a moving fan. I have the Nikon P100. I am only able to do it in manual mode with shutter speed 1/100 or less, with flash ON. If i turn off the flash the image is very dark even though there's good back-lighting. In auto mode or any other mode , am not able to take the image(still). My other basic camera, Olympus fe3010 is able to capture the still image of the moving fan perfectly in auto mode (has no other modes lol..). Am i doing something wrong ? Suggest pls.
Turn off the fan?

Otherwise, to do it without flash you'll have to turn up the ISO to be able to get a bright enough image at a faster shutter speed. Though when you do this, your picture will have more noise. Or open the aperture (lower the f #). I'm not sure if that's possible on your camera.
try the "running man" option as it is a faster shutter speed.

the flash is stopping the blades
Like ann says the duration of the flash is shorter than the shutter speed and is stopping the fan.

Can you set the camera to sync the flash on the shutter's rear/second curtain?

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