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Shot list last night, cool effect, just wanted to share


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Jan 14, 2009
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Thought this was an interesting effect, what do you think?

(Edit: I know my title is messed up. Should read "Shot this last night..." I'm all thumbs today :)
very cool!

liquid in the bottle?
The liquid, believe it or not, is just water.

The lighting was just a flashlight balanced on the top of the bottle.

There was no modification to color or anything, this is how it came out.
yeah, its pretty neat! its great how you managed to have the light only on the bottle, and then around the bottle on the table, but not falling anywhere that doesn't work with the photo. i also think if it didn't have the light on the table it wouldn't be as spectacular, great job, its all in the lighting!

The only thing i don't like is the starpoint reflection on the bottom of the bottle, the one on the top is fine, but the one on the bottom looks out of place, could you clone it out? unless you like it there.
You're right, the flare on the bottom does look a bit out of place. I cloned it out:

WICKED cool... was that a special bottle?

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