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Shots on My Second Day


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Feb 14, 2009
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Winchester, VA
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Hello everyone. My main hobby used to be working on and riding motorcycles. However, there is a 22 month old and very pregnant wife at home that need me when I'm not working 45-50 hours per week. I thought that I would give this photography thing a shot.

Since I am so fresh out of the point and shoot world, I chose to purchase the Canon Rebel XS as my first camera. Honestly, it has more features than I know what to do with at the moment. I still need to master simple ISO, aperture and f-stop settings first.

On my second day of SLR ownership, I went wild with the manual and camera. A good number of photos turned out blurry, yellowish or didn't turn out at all. There were some photographs that didn't look too bad. Below are a number of pictures that were taken with a variety of settings, which have received no touch-up from computer software.

Hanging Out at the Playground

Full Speed Down the Slide

Thoughtful in Leaves

B&W in Leaves


Thanks for viewing and I look forward to learning a lot about photography tips from this site. Yes, I am always open to constructive criticism and advice.

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#1. that is a great shot. she's definitely a cutie. I like the contrast of the bright green and yellow next to the drab beige color. Move her to the left or right. She doesn't necessarily need to be in the exact center of the frame.

#2. I like how the slide rails lead the viewer right into her joyous expression. Some would say to back up a little and show a little bit of the bottom of the slide--"give her somewhere to go." I'm not sure about that. Great picture.

Edit: On second thought, shoot that one vertically. That way, she can fill the top 2/3 of the frame, therefore leaving her with "somewhere to go." Oh, and where is the rest of her head and feet? :lol:

#3. I think it's great as is. "Suitable for framing." :lol: The bright colors against the almost colorless leaves is nice.

#4. & #5. OK. (not a fan of the B&W as compared to the color shot)
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The slide and color leaves are best. As for manual, don't worry about shooting it like that, try Shutter, then note aperure and Aperture, noting shutter. You don't need to jump right in.
Thanks for the feedback. I really liked #3 as well. Aside from picture #5, I really didn't know what kind of pictures I got until I downloaded them to the computer. With a little one, the subject is constantly moving.

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