Should I get a polorizing filter?


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Jan 12, 2008
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So I have a FujiFilm Finepix S7000...I took a lot of pictures in Israel and a lot of them have the sky in it, and I notcied that I could use a polarizing filter..the thing is that my camera isnt a DSLR.....its close to one I'm not sure how/which kind of filter i need and if it would work.....
Find out the mm of your lens, then get a polarizer that fits those mm.

And yes, polarizers are worth it if you plan on taking a lot of outdoor shots.
well since my camera isnt a dslr it needs an adapter thats like 30$....and its a i can get a polarizing filter for like 15-20$? right?

also..what about wide angle/ teleconverters......would you suggest those
Whatever it costs, it'll transform land/seascapes. Skies will look better than you've ever seen. I quite often shoot with a compact through polarising sunglasses, not perfect but the best I can do as there's no way of fitting a filter.

My DSLR has a polarising filter permanently attached.
Polarizing filters will remove reflected light from windows, water, etc. It will not do that with metal reflections. It will also intensify the blues in the sky.

It's effectivness will depend upon the angel of the sun to your subject. 90 degrees is the most effective.

The best way to select a filter is to find the mm size of your largest lens and get it in that size. Mine is 77mm so I got that size.

For smaller lenses you can get step-up rings so it will fit the filter. This is a good idea for any other filter as well.

I would not buy the cheapest one you can get. You will regret it and in the end buy a better one anyway. Buy the best you can afford. B&W, LEE, Singh Ray, etc.

IMHO, the polarizer is the first and main filter you should get. Make sure it is a "Circular" polarizer.

PS - I just realized that you don't have a DSLR so the size issue is moot. Just get it in the size for your camera.
I just got a nikon D80 and now i need polarizer filter. I'm not sure if a circular CPL polarizer filter would be right for it or a linear.

Any suggestions?
I just got a nikon D80 and now i need polarizer filter. I'm not sure if a circular CPL polarizer filter would be right for it or a linear.

Any suggestions?

Circular for all uses.

When you look through the viewfinder, isn't the image you see the same as what is coming through the lens? As long as it is, you can adjust the filter for the correct orientation. If not, you have a problem using a polarizer.
I would suggest taking the money you would spend on adapters and filters and putting it aside for an eventual upgrade to DSLR. However if you expect to keep this camera for a long time, you may find the various attachments worthwhile.
Don't waste your time with a linear filter!! Even if you have a TTL vue...use a circular and it won't matter!! Do a search on about filters. It'll tell you why you need it and how it works....CHRiS
I bought UV filters for both my lenses, and polorized filters....I leave the UV's on all the time,...ALL the time to protect to coating on the lenses. They're glass too....they don't sctratch....I think these are the two most important filters to have....
Yes for the types of pictures you are talking about a circular polerizer would have been very useful, i love mine.

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