Should I sell my FujiFilm X-S10 camera?


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Jun 5, 2021
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I have two FujiFilm cameras. The X-T3 and the X-S10. I bought the X-S10 in December as a Christmas present for myself. The X-S10 takes excellent pictures but I find myself grabbing the X-T3 for my gigs. I guess old habits are hard to break. Actually, there is nothing wrong with my X-T3 but for whatever reason, I was hungry for something new and the X-S10 seem to be everywhere getting great reviews and winning awards. It's in mint condition yet it mostly sits on my shelf collecting dust.

I wish I would have spent the money on a new lens instead. I don't use my camera much for video but that is one feature that the X-S10 does much better than the X-T3. Better stabilization is why.

Part of me thinks of selling the X-S10. Every time I see it sitting on my shelf I say "sorry, X-S10 but I'm in a hurry and I need my old buddy the X-T3 for this shoot"

I was thinking I could sell it and get the lens I want. Can we sell things on the forum?

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