Should I still buy the composer lens from lensbaby?


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Apr 28, 2009
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Hi experts

I wanna buy a very creative gift for my boyfriend. He has a canon and has already got himself this lens: d=7469

Should I still buy him this:
Lensbaby - The Composer?
& here are the flickr pix taken by it: Flickr: "lensbaby" (or by lensbaby products..?)

Would the composer lens add something new to his photography? Or could he get the same functionality with his new canon lens?

Thank you,
they are def. cool and i was thinking of getting the control freak with the macro kit. if you dont have a lot of loot to throw down on a nice lens this will be great! he will like it!
That is a tough call. The LensBaby are very specialized lenses which not everybody likes. They have a bit of a learning curve. Personally I love my LensBaby, but I know quite a few photogs that don't. He may want a macro or a teleconverter or a flash, et cetera before a LensBaby ... so I'd sorta ask before I buy ... or make sure that there is a good return policy.


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