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Mar 25, 2011
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I know you guys say a good photographer never works at walmart portrait center or something like that. Im currently unemployed and going through a tough divorce. I moved in with my parents and got a job at costco for a month but got laid off (seasonal). Im hurting for some cash and I saw an add for a portrait photographer.
Its only 9.75$ and 16 hours a week but hey at least I have income right? Im not sure if I should get this job or wait for my ei claim to come in. I go with ei I get more money, but if I get this job I do what I love to do. either way Im saving up to replace my stolen camera.
Take it!

Minimum wage is better than no wage, and maybe it's possible to borrow a camera too until you've got a replacement.

Also, I hope you have better luck in life from now on. :)
Weigh it up. The photography could open other doors for you.
Take it!

Minimum wage is better than no wage, and maybe it's possible to borrow a camera too until you've got a replacement.

Also, I hope you have better luck in life from now on. :)
Well portrait studios at stores like walmart usually have high end cameras but bad printers and editing. I went there for santa shots and this girl was shooting with a d700. I so jealous. Ill apply then and hopefully I get this job
If you get the job you could try shaking it up a bit and show them what can be done instead of the crap they probably turn out, maybe more sales and bonus ?
I don't know about Canada, but in my American neck of the woods, it's generally easier to GET a job when you HAVE a job. So, take the part-time job, and then keep working full-time trying to find something better. A part-time job looks way better on a resume/application than drawing ei (unemployment, I assume) benefits.
Take the job, learn from the opportunities you will get, and make some money.
Make some $ and figure out how to make that $ into $$$$ (legally LOL).
In '85 I was unemployed, had to leave the school. I took this job and swore it would only be until I got my feet under me and I would return to school. I worked up the ladder for 20 years until they finally ended business, I thoroughly enjoyed the job.
These studio jobs generally have a high turnover in management so if you hang in there the move up to full time Manager can be fairly quick but you gotta love babies and kids and be able to handle them and one-on-one selling.
Good Luck.
I know of a girl who works for walmart photography BUT also has a photo business on the side. It opened many doors for her.
do has been said, money is better than no money.

when i was working for ibm, the company we were contracting to was bought out by a european company. they didn't need ibm anymore. so we all lost our jobs.

i went home and ordered pizza.

the pizza box had a note on it that they were hiring part time delivery drivers.

at first i thought, no way. i'm a former ranger, i've owned a computer store, i've worked for ibm, no way am i delivering pizza.

but then put my pride behind me and figured any money was better than none.

i had no idea at the time that i would end up being a driver for the next 2 years, making over 600 a week. eventually moving into management for the next 2 years.and then my brother in law and i would end up opening our own franchise that i would run for the next 3 years. finally sold the store last year due to differances with corporate.

i took apart time job as a last resort. and it turned into a 7 year stint with me owning my own store.

you never know what opportunities are hidden within the most mundane of jobs.

being a monkey at a walmart photo studio doesnt make someone a photographer.

but being a photographer doesnt mean you can't work at a walmart photo studio.
A friend of mine who is a phenomenal photographer works at a Walmart Portrait studio part time in the off season :)
At a minimum, it will certainly provide an education on pose and props. Oh and snot. Just saying.

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