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Apr 17, 2009
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Hey everyone this is my first photo I'm putting up from my trusty ol' point and shoot! I was wondering what you think a dSLR could or could not do any better and what kind of editing you would do with this pic on photoshop. Thanks! It's during sunrise from Mt. Bromo in Indonesia.

Also from my point and shoot haha

The biggest complaint you will hear will be about crooked horizon (which to me is kind of awkward, but almost necessary). I personally don't think I would've guessed this came from a point and shoot. A dslr might have enabled you to get more detail in the clouds and maybe some control of your DOF, but this works for what you have. You also have a bit of lens flare on the right of the frame. I do like the tonal qualities of it though, and the fading mountains in the distance look very nice as well. Looks like a very cool location to shoot.
This is from basically the same spot as the first shot... yeah it was a pretty glorious morning.

Alright this is my last one for this thread, I swear... this was taken from the rim of Mt. Bromo... the hazy cloud thing halfway down the right side of the picture is sulfur smoke bellowing from the crater... luckily the wind changed directions so we could see the sunrise, but 30 minutes before this we were barely able to breathe (or see) because the smoke was blowing right on top of us!

I like the second and third volcano pics the best. Better perspective.

The picture with the leaves could be better if you had more light on them.
So I found this thing called "picnik" (I think that's how it's spelled) on flickr... and it let me do my first piece of photoeditting! A vignette what do you think?


I like vignetting to help isolate the subject, but your subject isn't exposed properly so it doesn't really add to the photo. Try it with a photo that has a lighter center and you'll see what I mean.

Also, the wide frame vignetting looks fake, most real vignetting is more circular so you should see it lighten up around the top and bottom of a wide frame, not follow it like this one does.

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