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Nov 8, 2007
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Wichita, KS
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So.. I havn't been on here long.. but I feel like you guys are already family.

Just so everyone knows.. I'm officially single. It happened about ohh... 10 minutes ago. I move my stuff out saturday.. =[

I need someone to cheer me up!!

:( but things can only get better now...


even though last time I hugged you I got banned for it ;)
That is a good start ... it would actually be strange, if you were not upset I think.

hope you find a normal-ish every day rhythm without him soon. that helps.
hey...your family is always here for you.
(I mean case you didn't pick that up.)
Hope you cheer up darling.
Thanks. Its going to be hard. And now my pictures are going to be either amazinger(?) than sh!t, or sh!tter than sh!t because of this.
Hey Lish, things are lookin' up! Cheer up, girl. :hugs:

It's really a complicated sad situation.. I guess I'm just glad to be free and myself again. I just hate the thought of being alone.
Having been there myself once, I think I understand the heartache. Hopefully you won't feel down for too long and can get back on with your life in time (great healer and all that).
Welll... Sorry I wasn't online earlier today to talk to you great people! I had to move all of my stuff out. And now I'm at the moms. GREAT!! I guess I'm relieved to be gone.
You know, I always find that every time I broke up with somebody I re-discovered myself and my work/photography/art/life got better for it because there was more time for me to discover myself again - which it turned out, I was being held back from In rubbish relationships with people that were nice, but too nice and had no interest in anything I wanted in my life. I took a year break after my last relationship and focused on all the things I had meant to do for myself for years - I'm now a selling artist, better photographer and I even found the "one" guy, who I married within months of meeting him! He's a complete compliment to me because he's all arty and musical and creative etc...I would never have figured us out or been where I am now if it wasn't for that year I spent re-setting myself.

You can get a lot of positives out of a really negative crappy situation like a break-up! And remember, one morning you will just wake up and feel better. Which sucks till then, but its all part of the bigger process! You'll be fine :)


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