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Nov 2, 2006
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A lot of you here at TPF are photography professionals, hobbiests, soon to be hobbiests, etc. And it also seems like you guys do so much photo-taking that sometimes its almost as if all you do is Work-Eat-(family)-Photo-Sleep.

But I'm sure you have more of a life than that? What other interests does TPF have?
Cool topic.

I also run an immigration website for Americans wanting to move to the EU. I launched it 7 years ago and it now earns a really decent revenue! So I split my time between that, working a real job and photography!

Over the past year, I've been studying Dutch (since I live in Holland). I've studied Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Japanese. Dutch is by far the most difficult language I've ever learned. The grammar rules are enough to piss off the Pope.
I keep tropical aquariums :) I have a 125 gallon, a 55 gallon, two 20 gallons and a 56 gallon pond.

My other hobby is my horse. His names Dubie and he takes up lots of my time! I need nothing but my horse and camera! haha
As you haven't noticed yet :lol: , collecting cameras. Also, riding my motorcycle. Profile

N-Philes Username is Battousai Username is Battousai - site has reasently moved and moving slowly Username is Battousai Username is Battousai - site in infantcy and moving slowly

As far as other hobbies goes here is more of them

It's easier just to link to the existing threads

Sorry feeling kinda lazy, in short Drawing, plastic models, internets, auto work (should be profession but...) and Vidieo games

I also periodically draw cartoon and anime porn
Can I recommend sleeping again?

As for me

Collecting, building and playing guitars (and basses)
Small home recording studio (Cakewalk SONAR)
Occasionally messing with electronics (built my own 5w valve amp for the guitar)
Building the occasional PC
Surfing the internet
Trashing the spam on TPF
Bits of web design
Listening to music

I've even been known to speak to my wife when time allows

Oh, and (the big one) sleeping!
As well as the photography, I paint. I have sold a number of paintings over the last year or so since making them available. I also make Sock Monkies, write short stories, lyrics and poetry. I hand print my own t-shirt designs as well.

I work stupid hours as bar staff and a cook! (For a family business). When i'm not working i'm looking after my 11 year old, who runs rings around me!

I spent the last 3 years taking an English and Cultural Studies Degree in order to get somewhere in my life - i've ended up back "home" while looking for that perfect job - my husband lives in America. That's a pain in the arse. I spend a lot of time over there throughout the year.

Oh yeh, I also have an affinity for music - I have an electric guitar and an accoustic, I can't play very well but I try! I'm also into Japanese and foreign film...

I guess I have my fingers in a lot of pies.

Interesting things some of you do.

I'm a highschool student so i dont do much...although thats not a very good excuse. But sports is huge for me, lacrosse especially. And then the usual highschool stuff...hanging out, doing stupid things, video games..guitar hero!
what do you mean other hobbies? ;)

Had to give up all my hobbies for my obsessions ;)
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