sigma f2.8 versus canon f/4L 70-200


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Mar 14, 2007
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Ok, so I'm sitting here looking at both lenses, and I can nab the f4 almost 200$ less (or more) than the equivelant sigma.

I've shot with the Sigma version, and having the slightly faster lens certainly would be a nice thing. I'm seriously considering, however, that only spending 500$ on the used L , then nabbing a nice wide angle to compliment the bottom range, would not be a bad idea.

I'm building my lens kit from scratch this year, And I know that 70-200mm is something I want. I very dearly want to break into some proffessional work(and have the aid of a professor at A&M to help :D), so advice would be appreciated.

My primary goal with this lens is to have a general purpose "long lens", wiht the option to throw a teleconverter out in good sunlight to shoot with.
I would grab the Sigma, personally. 2.8 is really awesome to have. Especially if you're going to be using a teleconverter at all.
Canon is sharp and high IQ even at wide f/4. It is also compact as an outdoor walk around lens.

The Sigma is faster and my guess would be more useful if you are doing indoors... wedding.. portraits.. professional shots of events.

I would recommend the Sigma... in your case. Even if the Canon would produce "better" images at similar focal and apertures, I still would recommend the Sigma because of the faster aperture.....


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Do you know Dr. wayne smith by any chance?
He runs the #D imagery lab for the anthro department.....if you like photography you missed out on meeting him :D.

I owe everything I know, and my whole drive to make more out of photography than a hobby, to him :D.
does bidding in the US always start that high? over here all high priced items start around 1 EUR to keep the fees small.

That current top bidder appears a bit strange. as if he just wanted to get over the highest bid to push the price.

could be someone told to do so by the seller. but then again, you never know. maybe just someone wanting the lens.

if Ebay works like over here, the real bidding will start in the last one hour anyway. I am a bit shocked there are currently so few bidders though.
it is very strange that the seller mentions the "number of shutters" with that lens. As if the number of images you took would say anything about the condition of the lens *gg*
I will not be bidding in that auction, I believe one of those is what's referred to as a "sock" account, designed to push the price higher to skive off fees. I'm not dealing with that garbage, even to save a few dollars.

My grandmother just handed me 250$ cash for Christmas, which means I'm looking at about 800$ cash in hand. I found a BNIB sigma on a forum I do business with for 815$, I think I will buy it in the morning!

I had very seriously contemplated going with the canon f/4l and another smaller lens, but now that my budget is nearly 150$ more than I thought I would have, I think I will stick to my original plan, especially considering the superior short range focal distance of the sigma.
He runs the #D imagery lab for the anthro department.....if you like photography you missed out on meeting him :D.

I owe everything I know, and my whole drive to make more out of photography than a hobby, to him :D.

It would have been great to meet him..... Most of my time was spent in the computer science and engineering side of the campus. Not too many photographers on that side BUT my love for photography was developed prior to college which gave me an creative outlet (one of my few hehe lol)
I'm really stuck on this now.

I have about 850$ to spend. I really want a telephoto of some variety, but I dont know what to do.

I could get the canon F/4L 70-200 and something like a tamron 17-50 f2.8.....(or the sigma of aproximatly the same range)


I can afford a sigma 70-200 F/2.8 ex Macro, and look to save up towards a smaller wide-angle, or possibly even nab a cheap one to work with for now.

I want to do alot of equine photography, and alot of outdoor/nature shots. I'm scared to limit myself to that 70mm minimum at the moment though....

I'm just not sure what to do, also waiting on an email back from a proffesor with his opinion...

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