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Jul 6, 2017
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I've recently aquired my A7ii and I'm loving it, now I'm just missing lenses I used to have on my Nikon system. I'm mainly looking at a 70-200mm 2.8 model, and since I know mirrorless bodies are fantastic for adapting lenses I made sure to look at the used market for different good deals. Even some used Sony E lenses (like the 70-200) is way out of budget, so I'm looking at Canon glass mostly.

As their glass seems to be the cheapest out of the different manufacturers and seem to be a popular choice for Sony, Canon is my choice. Today I found a Sigma 70-200 2.8 ii EX APO HSM DG MACRO for around 2500kr (swedish krona), which is a steal considering the specs.

Though I am concerned.. Will it work properly with a Canon Ef AF adapter?
I've heard that some wont work at all, and if it doesn't I'll have to look for something else.
I don't have the adapter now, so it's not like I can test it beforehand.

Many thanks!
Sigma have an adapter for their EF to E mount; Sigma MC-11 I think..
Sigma have an adapter for their EF to E mount; Sigma MC-11 I think..
Would that adapter work for other EF(s) glass also? Such as Canons own lenses.
Why not google for myself?
Yes it works with Canons own glass.
Thank you!
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Sigma have an adapter for their EF to E mount; Sigma MC-11 I think..
It does however seem like it only supports more recent sigma lenses, not the older model I'm currently looking at.
So that's a bummer.
There are a range of adapters giving AF with EF lenses with apparently mixed reliability.
My preferred option is to go with older lenses & MF adapters. Allows much more variety on mucjh less expenditure.
Does the TechartPro adapter work on the A7ii (I know it only works on later type E-mount bodies) It gives a Leica M mount that is focused by the adapter, allowing it to be adapted to manual SLR lenses & still give AF! - The adapter probably costs more than all my budget adapters combined & doesn't work with my current bodies but is still tempting :)
You may want to look into a sony adapter. There are many good lenses Minolta AF lenses that are very reasonable. The 70-210 f4 mini beercan comes to kind. I used to have one I used on a Minolta film camera and it was exceptional for a zoom. Not sure which adapter but it is worth a look through flickr pages on the various lenses. I know its not a fast lens but im only giving you an example for alternative adapted, affordable glass. Here is a review on that Tamron Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 review

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