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Jul 12, 2010
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New Brunswick
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Haven't posted on in a bit, thought I would share a simple flower shot. Taken with the Sigma 28mm M F/2.8 in the mother-in-law's garden this weekend. This lens has been on my K7 for about a solid month now, but I do that alot with my lenses.

It's actually good practice to only use one lens for a week exclusively. Other forums I belong to sometimes have weekly challenges where you had to post XXX shots with XXX lens only - pretty fun.

The shot: I purposely left the dying flower in the background to attempt a capture of 'beauty and the beast' or 'life and death'. I've never really tried to get artsy fartsy with my work, but sometimes the shot is just there, all set up for you.

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well, thank you very much j-dogg.
Great composition and idea of the dead flower behind. I think the DOF is just right, the only thing I would like to see is some extra light on the inner area of the main flower. Well taken.
Thank you very much, Ady. I appreciate an honest thought every time, thank you.

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