Sign Language.

all awesome shots and i dig that last staue aswell its awesome.. godo work like always check my first dark image..
I am really liking all of these. I would like to see the last one in B&W also.
the last one is really interesting! :)

normally i wouldnt like that you cut off the wings of the angel, but it doesnt matter here. the positioning of the lantern and the colors of the leaves on the ground, it just works so well!
Thanks so much for your kind words. Really appreciate it.
These are awesome!
ah where your most at home eh chiller?!..... great shots man, i like the way your always striving to see things differently, really pays off :thumbup:
Why can you go on yet another cememtery crawl and come up with all these interesting POVs and use of wide angle and all that, and I go (love to go!) on my own cemetery prawls and only get boring, straightforward pics of (lovely, no doubt!) tombstones? What have you that I don't have??? (No need to REALLY answer!!!! :shock: There's some things I already KNOW... like: long hair, only for example!)

In other words: I am impressed and wish I were as good!

Wanna see some of my boring tombstone pics? I mean I have PLENTY... but plenty BORING ones!
Another awe-inspiring series. Your unique take on these cem shots is always so interesting to see. I especially like the last two in this set.
Very neat! I love the hill of leaves... that was gorgeous. I feel very inspired; perhaps if the weather is nice enough tomorrow (read: NOT SNOWING!) I might have to get out and check out some of the cemeteries around here.
Thanks so much everyone. Your comments are appreciated.

Archy....yeah..this is home. I have always thought of the cemetery as a form of a home. You search all your life for a place to live, people to be with, things to do to survive only to fine your real home...alone in a cemetery where only your memory remains. day we are going shooting together...k? In a cemetery. :) I have seen your cemetery images before and they are beautiful.

Wendy...sometimes the best time to shoot in the cemetery is after some freshly fallen snow. The sun casts some amazing shadows, and all the mess left over from fall is covered by a nice sheet of white.

Thanks again everyone.
Thank you brother...appreciate your comments.

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