Simba at night....


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Dec 31, 2006
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Nrthn Calif
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I like them both.
I really like the first shot, great compostion and the look on the Kittys face is fantastic.

As for the 2nd...... I see what you are trying, the cat looking into the distance, but if it wasn't for the 1st image I dnt think I would have had a clue?? The cat is barely recognizable, just a ball of fluff. It may work as part of series but it's lacking on it's own.

Also the moon is getting obscured by the branch, the sky is a little dull (compared to the previous) and the tree tops at the bottom are distracting the eye.

Sorry dont mean to go on but I think it is important to see why the top image is so much stronger than the bottom one.
I totally agree about both, but what else would be in a tree that looked like that LOL i darken the sky in the forst one and it's my background now too!!
Well it could have been an extra fluffy slipper boot thing.... I dont know haha! But you got what I ment.

Yeh 1st shot is really nice! You should be happy!
first shot is perfect cats looking at you, your looking at the moon it gives a really good mood to the photograph. good job very nice looking cat too
thnks would of been puuurrrr fect for an evening contest, maybe thats cioming in January, so im off to find a midday pic to enter......
that is totally funny, like a poster from the cats and dogs movie when they bring in the "russian"

Very cool shot

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