Single-Day Travel Photography BootCamp...shooting on the road : June 28-San Francisco

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    Do you want to expand your overall skills as a photographer? Not through a workshop, not through a seminar, but by actually applying your knowledge in the streets, learning how to adapt, overcome and create images regardless of what stands in your way!

    The Flying With Fish Travel-Photo BootCamp is unlike any educational experience you have encountered as a photographer. The focus of The BootCamp is simple, to force its participants outside of their comfort zone while teaching them how to adapt and succeed!

    Participants arrive at the airport and not not informed of their destination until they receive their boarding passes allowing for no time to prepare and requiring participants to be ready for anything

    Who can benefit from The Travel-Photo BootCamp? EVERYONE!

    The skills learned leading up to The Travel-Photo BootCamp, and throughout the evolution of the day, will enhance any photographer’s ability while in the field shooting. The exercises participants will be faced with are designed to benefit weekend hobbyist and full-time professionals.

    This BootCamp is not a travel photography workshop. We will not be seeking ‘the beautiful sunset, we will be creating captivating images with no time to wait for perfection. Travel is simply a form of education designed to force photographers of all abilities to learn new shooting skills while disoriented, tired, cranky and cut off from their arsenal of equipment.

    When is the BootCamp? June 28th, departing SFO Airport around bed-time

    What does the BootCamp cost? US$800, including airfare and applicable taxes & fees.

    Not totally convinced yet? Well them, how about an added incentive? All participants in The Travel-Photo BootCamp will receive a Mountainsmith pack of my choice courtesy of Mountainsmith. I have used Mountaismith bags all over the world for years as a working photographer. I love their products and I am sure you will too!

    For more information, and to sign up, visit: Flying With Fish ยป Fish’s Two Travel-Photo BootCamps That Transform Your Photography!

    The BootCamp is limited to a maximum of FIVE participants.

    Happy Flying!

    Steven Frischling
    Flying With Fish

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