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Dec 10, 2008
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Well i wanted to see how it would come out and well....
Nice. I like it. Is this done with Photomatrix and just one NEF file?
Ya that came out surprisingly well. You just took one picture and changed it's exposure in post? I know its technically possible to do it like that, just didn't know the resulting image would come out as good as it did.
you can't use Photomatrix from what i understand since its only one pic but i used Dynamic-Photo HDR since it allows you to use one pics... try it out...
You've got a halo around the buildings, and a dark spot in the top left hand corner. Other than that looks pretty good.
nice work but... the pic has some issues. it would have looked better straightened out i think, the subject is not quite the most interesting, the halo around the building and some weird, ugly looking spots in the top right corner. the colors are nice but i am not sure the scene was worthy of hdri, i think a little level tweaking would have gotten you almost the same effects.

hope i was not too harsh, i had good intentions.

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