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Sep 12, 2010
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I just wanted some practice so a friend lent me her sister for the day so I could have fun.
Let me know what you think!! :D





Not really sure about the sizing. Sorry if they are too big!
sooo ur friend said "have fun with my sister" ehh??? :sexywink:

something about ur pp is bugging me though
I like these shots. 1 is my favorite and 3 is cool too. I am a little biased to them because my post processing looks a lot like that for senior portraits and what not.
I wish my friends lent me their sisters...I like the shots. 1 and 4 are my favorite. Did you PP them any other ways?
I like #'s 1, 4, and 5. But the post processing is excessive. Would you mind posting the original of #1? I really like this shot and I'm curious what it looks like without the grit.
I get that this is the beginner forum, so the comments are intended to help, not be mean.

Not sure if it's the compression for web, but the processing is posturizing the colours to the point that the blocks are more apparent than strands in the hair. I normally like a little boost to saturation, but the masking halos are really apparent in 2 and 3. There is so much going on in number 4 it's hard to focus on the figure and there is a huge disparity in exposure between the front and rear leg. NUmber 5 is my fav. The gaze is really nice and her red hair contrasts nicely with the foliage. I'm not sure what's going on with her arm though. It looks like ghosting or a registration error.
Maybe a troll comment but I don't see the point of the watermark, these are free photos you are taking and not to be rude but they distract from the photo and although these are nice photos, I doubt anyone would take them and sell them off the web in low resolution....

tl;dr= watermarks are pointless (unless you are a pro)
I am an amateur newbie but something is hurting my eyes in here... I like the #5 much.

Nice job! This will help me learn a lot too :)
How about removing the overlay from your subject... Let her be nice ans clear while your background gets the texture.

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