Six hr's i kid you C&C please.


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Sep 15, 2010
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Well i got out both yesterday afternoon and last night in total i was out six Hr's taking photo'
I am posting what i personally think are my best shots. Would appreciate your comments. Thank you so much.







just my suggestion but with the shot of the moon,
select it out in PP and then but a black background
To me it just seems that the moon would stand out more on something pure black
i do the same thing with my fireworks photos
1. I like the boat, but the image seems awfully crowded. Could you have done something about the background, perhaps not have it as in focus as the boat??

2.Would you have kept this if it was in the middle of the day? Sometimes I tend to take and keep nighttime pictures that, had I taken them in the light of day, would be boring as hell. :er: You might be prone to the same weakness... just because it is at night doesn't mean that it is a great photo. I always have to tell myself that. Lighting (or lack of it) is really REALLY important, but subject and composition play their part as well. This seems to be just a store at night, with some palm trees in the wind. The reflections are cut off also, and I think it might be better to see the rest of the lamps reflected in the water if youre going to keep it.

3. I would have liked to see the dock completely cut out here. Interesting colors, though. Also, maybe crop that green rock thing off the bottom? This seems a little noisy.

4. The crooked horizon! Somehow it's so hard to see in our own photos (I of course speak for myself. I often dont notice till someone points it out!). The beach is interesting, more interesting that the dock in my opinion. Maybe do a reshoot with the beach as the main subject? That tree on the left side could be cropped out, too.

5. This is better in the first version. Also, the sky is noisy and banded. You shot in jpegs? Does your camera do raw? I'm not sure, since my camera doesnt shoot raw, but I think that maybe with raw you could have done this amount of processing without the damage. But I don't know for sure.

6. Pixels in the sky!

7. I this that this is straight, but it looks crooked. However, if you "straightened" it it might still look crooked. I'm using the side of the building on the left, the bottom of the building on the left, the open sign, the rungs, and the soffet (spelling?) type part of the overhang on the right side. The bottom of the building on the left seems to be parallel to the bottom of the image, but none of the other lines do. I can't even tell with the rungs, they make me dizzy. :) It's very confusing! The ramps are interesting.
Abbyrose thank you so much for takin the time to comment and really look at these photo's....& here was me thinking they were not half reet!:lmao:

The boat photo is actually my Favorite and for me personally i happen to like that it shows the trees also starting to change too.

I really do appreciate the feed back all of it

The light on the light house is NO!! NOT GREEN:p

JDH THANK YOU I WILL GIVE THAT SHOT next time i am out...

Thanx so much everyone...

Abbyrose thank you so much for takin the time to comment and really look at these photo's....& here was me thinking they were not half reet!:lmao:

No worries! I do the same thing all the time... the people here set me straight though. :D

Keep on shooting, that's what I do. Every once in a while I get something thats good (ish). ;)
Instinct check out my Macro photo's i posted earlier....Tell me if they look the same please?

Abby thankfully i really do enjoy getting out and just snapping away...But this is an art thats for sure...I have only been here a few day's and allready so much has been bought too my attention as far as taken a Photo which i never in a million yr's would have thought about before joining this Forum.

I am starting to wonder if i will ever get that worthy SHOT!

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