skater boys, lovers and a bit of a wait


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Mar 18, 2009
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Shooting sun lovers around the park today and trying really hard not to get spotted by them! I don't often shoot people, i'm normally not gutsy enough! so please any comments are more than welcome

#1 unfortunately there was a cloud of gnats in the wrong place at the wrong time!



I like the crop better, maybe leave alittle bit more room behind the gentleman though. The gnats in 1 could easily be taken care of in PP.
That's a nice pic of the two lovers in the park, especially the one that you're presenting us as conversion to B&W. I like that one best.
I think the gnats add a little something to #1. It would have been very drab without them. They add.... flavor.
i like number one a lot...very natural looking street photography.

#4 looks a bit funny as her shoulder is lined up perfectly with his arm, so it looks like they might be sharing a limb. :D
Thanks for the comments, i'm not sure to de-gnat the first one or not! didnt see the limb problem in #4 but now i do, it bugs me!
Yeah, the gnats are actually sort of cool :D never said that you should edit them out just that they could be edited out hehe.
I agree... #1 is pretty great.
(you could easily photoshop out the gnats if you wanted to, but I don't think it's needed at all... I like them there in the sun) good shot
Ok i have been convinced :) gnats have escaped death by photoshop, thanks for all the comments!!
Without getting political, it's interesting having posters from all over the world to illustrate the differences in our societies.

London may have turned into the nanny state, but at least you can still enjoy a bottle of wine in the park, evidently.. You'll be rewarded with a ticket from the cops here in the land of the free for doing the same...

I like the gnats, and the lovers in the park is a nice picture, as well-the color version being my favorite.

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