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A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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There was a bit of sun today so I went to see what I could find... that isn't a bird lol
I came across this skunk skull sitting near the apiary.

I have to admit editing this one, esp zoomed in around the teeth was a little creepy. But I'll still go back and shoot it in different lights and over time, I love it as a subject!
C&C always welcome.

IMG_5423-2 by Judi Smelko, on Flickr
Grissly shot and I like that you got low and fairly close, close enough to capture some detail inside the nose area, so often we see these captured at a distance and only with the outside of the skull.

I like the snow - but I agree that going back in different light will help - the light in the shot is very flat, maybe a touch underexposed as well (I'm stressing the maybe there). Would be great if you could get some more dynamic lighting mixed with the snow still being around (and if the natural light isn't helping a reflector and/or flash might well help you create that more interesting lighting.
A slight edit to maybe bring out some of the nose and tooth detail, which really makes this such a unique photo ;)



Actually, I think I might like the original better. It would appear I lost some of the red coloring during my edit, oh well :p
Thanks Overread, The more I look at it I agree that it is flat/under exposed/lacking pop. I think more might still be in this shot, I fell short in my conversion, I will probably give it another go in the morning.

Thanks for suggesting reflectors/alternative lighting. The skull is sitting along one of the paths through the cedars. The path is about 6ish feet wide running east west and the window for any nice direct light will be super slim is my guess.

From the sounds of it it will be covered with snow again before morning so I will have some time to learn more about reflectors and lighting and homegrown solutions since I have only onboard flash and zero camera budget lol

Looking forward to revisiting it when this round of snow melts!
Hey Toga, thanks for the edit, it does bring that detail a bit more, I'll see if I can enhance it a bit when I try again ... After coffee :)
Hmmmm what on earth is on its tooth???
This is the best re-edit I could come up with. I think it lights the skull much better but is brightening the BG snow too much. Despite that I'm much happier with it than the first one I posted.

I still have no clue what it is on the tooth though ... it seems too perfect to be organic? ...

Skunk Skull by Judi Smelko, on Flickr


Skunk Skull Edit by Judi Smelko, on Flickr
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