Pintail (A First For Me)

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Feb 7, 2020
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Not a bird resident in my area. A few weeks ago I saw one with a flock of Mallards on a local river, clearly way off track. This was the first one I'd ever seen so was chuffed. Went back next day with a camera but it was gone. Disappointed.

Went for a long walk today and came across, what I take to be the same bird, on a drainage pond about a mile away from where I saw it before. Luckily had the Sigma 150-600 with me and got these. Massive crops, which I've pushed as far as I dare so IQ could be better but the low winter sun gave the water this beautiful golden hues. I'm delighted to have even got these. I may return with the 500 f/4L and try to get closer.

Yeah, I know. Cool story bro:rolleyes::D

Pintail-3- DENOISED-denoise.jpg

Pintail-2- DENOISED-denoise.jpg

Pintail-1- DENOISED-denoise.jpg
........................and one for @K9Kirk as I know he likes ducks swimming uphill (and Central).

Pintail-4- DENOISED-denoise.jpg
I always like a good shot of a duck swimming up a spillway. :allteeth: Nice set, Goober. Love the light and colors.
Nice set certainly got the golden hour

Thank you. The funny thing was it wasn't the golden hour, late morning, probably about half ten/eleven-ish. Just lucky I suppose with the low sun and the diffusion caused by the clouds.
Beautiful color of the water certainly compliments the pintail. I’ve never seen one in the wild. Nice!
They look pretty nice to me for a heavy crop. I do like that golden backdrop. Nice set.

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