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Aug 3, 2013
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Working on Clouds only pictures trying to give a sense of a landscape in the sky. All pictures taken with a Nikon D50 DSLR.

Constructive Criticism Welcomed.

There will be more photos to come. Feel free to post any sky photos of your own.

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Some more shots from the passengers seat of a moving car on our way up North to a favorite river spot. We get some tubes, float, and relax as we glide down the river, about a 6 mile stretch of somewhat gentle waters. Wish I could get some shots of that but I'm too scared I'd get the camera wet or ruined.

Anyways, heres a few more sky shots.

$SkyPic2.jpg $SkyPic3.jpg $SkyPic4.jpg $SkyPic5.jpg


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Did a little editing on the first picture. I'm not sure if i like it any better edited or unedited.

It looks very noisy and grainy. Perhaps oversharped?
The thumbnail preview for the top left shot in your second post looks nice, but when you enlarge you see all of the noise.
A polarized filter might help with your shots too.
I was also going to suggest a polarizing filter. It can really help separate the blue sky from the clouds. Also, you might try underexposing your sky images a bit and then adjust them up to the desired level post-process rather than taking a "normal" exposure and trying to increase the darks. It will help you avoid the noise issue. Last, make sure you are using the lowest ISO setting that you can.
Thank you for the input. I noticed the noise in there too, I'll try to reduce the sharpness and hopefully that helps a little. I'm going to look into a polarizing filter as well. I appreciate the help and suggestions.

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