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Jul 3, 2011
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After messing with a couple different bags and straps I decided I want a sling-style camera strap. I specifically have spent some time using a Blackrapid RS-7, but when I saw it was $59 I started looking for alternatives. The only one I've found so far that isn't even more expensive is the CS-Pro (CS-PRO Camera Sling System by Carry Speed | Carry Speed Store). The key difference that matters most to me has to do with the ways that they fasten. The Blackrapid is a much smaller mounting system, while the CS-Pro has a larger plate-style mount that allows you to still attach the quick release plate from a tripod. Any input, especially if you have experience with either/both?
The cs pro is identical to some cheap chinese made brands i've seen on ebay (only the logo is different)--its unclear to me who is ripping off who.
O got the OpTech strap off eBay for $21 and free shipping. Its a nice strap works well.
I have the black rapid RS5 I think. I love the comfort of it. Shortly after getting it, I abandoned the attachment screw that came with it and instead began using the quick release plate from my manfroto pistol grip head. I just leave it screwed in all the time since it too has a sort of d-ring for tightening. That way, when I go from carry to tripod, I can just detach and connect to tripod and not have to change anything out. The QR plate is just as sturdy and works well. It stays on most of the time, but if I go on a hike or something that I know I won't use the tripod for, I sometimes switch it back to the original connector. For a strap, it's a little steep, I admit. I think I paid $65 for mine, but I quit sweating it after clicking the cart link. After I got it, it was well worth it. Cry once or every time you use it.
I have an RS7 and love it. I got it barely used from a person on another forum, but having used it for a while I'd certainly be willing to pay full price for one.

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