Small series of a grey seal pup


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Aug 30, 2006
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A small series taken this winter at the coast.

Just playing with the aww-factor here.

C&C welcome of course.

1: curious pup and bird

2: howling

3: lazy in the evening sun

4: pup and rainbow
Awwwww factor success! Nice shots, the rainbow is a nice subtle treat in the last one :)
I LOVE IT! Wish I was there, very nice photographs. Thank You for sharing with us
Thanks Papa :)
I very much LIKE the subtlety of the rainbow in the last photo! As much as I really like the reflections of the seal pup in the wet sand in the last two photos.
They are ALL really good. Cute pink inside of mouth!
Thanks :) ...

And Corinna, for you I might clone out that pebble in the last one some day ;-)
Great work! The first and the fourth are the my favorites, since they add some extra interest in addition to the main subject (the seal pup).
I really like these. That is one cute pup. I hope you kept an eye out for mama. :D

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